Enjoy custom corporate and group Events, Tours and team building activities throughout Houston

Interested in a private event for your group? Whether it's a corporate teambuilding event, or a bachelorette party, our in-house event planning staff can help. We plan and execute a variety of original culinary-based events, tours and activities in order to satisfy the needs of your group.

culinary events combine a meal and an actvity

A culinary event can be the highlight of a business retreat for close to the cost of a meal. It can serve as a team building activity, capable of bringing together divisions, allowing colleagues to work together in a completely different environment, and even act as a networking tool for companies looking to add to their client base.

easy setup

Offering a culinary event for your group is easy as sending an email. Provide us with your basic needs, and our award-winning creative team can put together an event that will surpass expectations while simultaneously fitting into the categories of time, place, and budget to name a few.

turnkey events

With over 2000 corporate clients throughout North America and beyond, we have a variety of turnkey events that have been successful in the past. Your account manager will be able to provide you with any number of example events at various price points

create something unique

If nothing looks quite right for you, we can certainly create something completely different that still maximizes your budget and timeframe.

Custom Culinary Events

Don't know what type of event would be best for your group? We can customize any of our activities in order to develop a flawless experience for you and your group. Our events and activities are suitable for groups of as small as 4 and as large as several thousand people.

Email our event staff at info@foodtourcorp.com or call us at 713-554-1735 with any questions and to set up your group event with Taste of Houston Food Tours and 4Lobe Events!

contact Taste of Houston Food Tours and 4Lobe Events

For any additional information regarding our culinary events, team building activities, and food tours, call us at 713-554-1735, email us at info@foodtourcorp.com, or fill out the contact information below. We will get back to you within one business day on all queries

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Dine arounds

A Houston dine around brings together the best restaurants in the city in a more formal style than a standard food tour

Dine arounds can be motorcoach based, and take clients from restaurant to restaurant around town, in a format that is similar to the chef led food tours.

If you prefer for your group to stay in a walkable neighbiorhood, your guide can take you from restaurant to restaurant in one of our many popular neighborhoods, including Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, Rice Village, the Heights (either White Oak or 19th street), Chinatown, or the Galleria, to name a few.

dine around pic

team building events

Culinary team building is an effective and exciting way for groups to collaborate within a culinary centric environment to achieve a common goal

We collaborate with sister company 4Lobe Events Houston in order to develop and execute a variety exciting, creative culinary team building activities.

great for corporate groups

Our Team Building events have been shown to help individuals learn how to best work together outside of the office. We offer a variety of options, from in-depth collaboration, to team bonding, to developing trust, to employee retention.

Please ask our team members for past examples and themes.

Great for non-corporate groups

Culinary team building also is a fun and unique alternative to group events outside of corporate groups as well

Try a culinary scavenger hunt as a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a 'chopped' inspired culinary challenge for a family reunion. With thousands of clients over the past decade, we have options great for nearly everyone.

Culinary team building events also are budget friendly as they act as an activity, a meal and a reception into a single event.

team building pic

Culinary Challenge

Our culinary challenge team building series provides groups with the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and innovate at a great local venue

By utilizing our mobile kitchen settings, groups can participate in one of our culinary challenge events nearly anywhere.

Iron Chef inspired culinary challenge

Our most popular team building activity, the Houston Culinary Challenge, brings the excitement and entertainment of the classic Food Network show to your venue of choice.

During the event, groups are divided into smaller teams, where individuals are given specific roles in order to help their team create the best dish, or series of dishes.

Teams then engage in a friendly competition and must create a dish or series of dishes and present them creatively to a panel of judges in order to win a great local prize pack.

customizable with variable team building aspects

The Culinary Challenge is a fully customizable event; our event management team will help you pick a theme, venue, and layout that work the best for your group. From cocktails to catering, we will help you put together your group's ideal event.

culinary challenge pic

Pub and bar Crawls

Unwind with friends and colleagues with us over drinks with a pub crawl!

Celebrating a birthday? Interested in a work outing? Grab some co-workers or friends and take a Pub Crawl with Taste of Houston Food Tours

craft cocktails, local brews, or regional wines

Our bar and pub crawls can be set up in nearly any way, whether you want to learn about the brewing process and sample the nuances of different hops, or want to tap the rockies, we can create a bar and pub crawl with you and your group in mind!

Sip some cocktails or try some of the local craft beers that Houston has to offer from our growing number of local breweries.

crawl by foot or coach

Pick a neighborhood for a walkable pub crawl, or, if you can't decide on just one, we'll arrange transportation that will take you to various neighborhoods.

We'll include some Houston history, trivia games, and prizes throughout the event!

Ultimate Pub Crawl

Make it an Ultimate Pub Crawl by adding food at each stop, or take it to the VIP level for a completely different experience. We will coordinate the event the is right for your group, depending on your budget and requirements.

pub crawl pic

cooking classes

We can create the ideal cooking class for your group nearly anywhere in the Houston metropolitan area by using our mobile kitchen setup. Cooking classes have numerous themes from which to choose, including 101, techniques, plating, and various ethnic styles.

Enjoy it as a competition, a team building event, a family reunion activity or nearly anything else.

Guests can learn valuable techniques and apply them immediately while creating a single or multiple course meal.

Our classes are for both small and large groups. If you have a very small group (4 or less), we can connect you with other small groups located around Houston to keep costs down and make the event more interesting.

Contact us today to learn more and book.

Cooking class pic

wedding activities, bachelorette and bachelor parties

Try something different for your bachelor or bachelorette party with Taste of Houston Food Tours

Whether you want a low-key, small activity, or a full weekend of events, our sister company 4Lobe Events Houston staff can put it together for you.

email or call us about any of the products we offer. Our staff will work with your timing, budget, and group size to set up anything you need.

bach pic

Culinary scavenger hunt

Ideal for budget conscious groups, our culinary scavenger hunts bring teams throughout a great Houston neighborhood to search out landmarks, food, drinks, and much more!

Your guide will provide some neighborhood information prior to the tour, which will help you understand more about the area.

Your team receives a packet, with various challenges to help you unlock the story of the neighborhood, its culture and its food

Be the first team to complete the challenges, consume the dishes, and down the drinks and you will be the winning team that earns a great local prize pack

Pick your favorite Houston neighborhood, gather your co-workers, and get out of the office for this fun team building activity that's outside the box.

Don't have a preference- choose from great neighborhoods such as Midtown, Downtown, Montrose, the Heights, the Galleria, Rice Village and more!

special event pic

food tours

Our original food tours are currently available in Downtown, Montrose, the Heights, and rice village

We can run private and group food tours for both small and large groups

We split groups in order to ensure your guests get the same great experience regardless of group size. This helps to keep groups from 'taking over' areas, and ensures we all can enjoy the food tour.

Market tours

Always delicious and at times difficult to navigate, market tours bring you to some of the many ethnic markets that serve individuals living in neighborhoods throughout Houston. Let one of our experts show you the ins and outs while you take in the sights, scents, and flavors abundant throughout the market.

food tour pic

market tours

Culinary team building has been found lately to be an extremely effective way for groups to effectively work together within an unfamiliar environment

By using their collective strengths, clients can achieve a set of pre-determined goals within a variety of culinary focused settings throughout the greater Houston area.

We work together with sister company 4Lobe Events to execute an activity that is not only exciting but also fun for all participants. Culinary team building events also are budget friendly as they act as an activity, a meal and a reception into a single event.

team building pic
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